Protect yourself against Paranormal Risks with Ghost Insurance!

Are you afraid of being hurt by a ghost? Don’t worry, there’s an insurance for that!

You can get it from Ultraviolet, a specialist insurance provider located in Bristol, England. Just ask for Spooksafe. As the name suggests, something spooky must be involved.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ghost insurance.

What exactly is Spooksafe?

It’s an insurance policy providing cover against death or injury if caused by ghosts, poltergeists and similar paranormal beings. In case you’re wondering, a poltergeist is a ghost that haunts a person rather than a house. It manifests itself with loud noise and object levitation, and can supposedly pinch, hit and trip people.

Is there really a market for Ghost insurance?

Of course there is. While the exact number is unknown, Ultraviolet issued at least 500 Spooksafe policies in 2004 alone.

Have the insurers ever paid a claim under this policy?

Yes they have. The settlement amount was no less than Euros100.000. The claim involved an American woman who died after falling over banisters at her house. Following an investigation into her death, the underwriters were satisfied that a ghost either threw her off the banisters or was at least involved in her fall.

Ghosts are not your thing, and you worry more about vampires?

No problem. Spooksafe will compensate you if you ever turn into a vampire or even a werewolf. No need to worry about vampire bites or the full moon while taking a walk at night anymore!

How about a Ghost liability cover instead?

Spoofsake also provides liability cover. The policy will pay up if you become legally liable for injuries or damages to third parties caused by a ghost haunting your house or office.

Bottom line, whenever you feel you are facing a risk, no matter how unusual it might be, never immediately dismiss it as impossible to cover. Look around. Somewhere, a creative underwriter may be willing to walk the extra mile to put your mind at ease and carry the risk for you.

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