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Fire Awareness Training

Fire Awareness Training


We all have a responsibility to prevent fires from happening. Hence we all have a vested interest in understanding how to do that. Working in the general insurance industry, in whatever capacity, we have an additional need to understand fires as part of our job (fire assessment, risk management….)


This course is designed to explain all things fire: How fires start, how the risk can be managed, special circumstances surrounding fires, with the aim of shedding light on issues that can be of use to all insurance personnel in their daily jobs.

Target Audience

Junior underwriters, underwriting assistants, junior claims personnel, sales, distribution and account executive staff.

Learning Outcomes

After finishing this workshop, the attendees will be able to:
•  Understand the Fire Triangle
•  Identify common ignition, fuel and oxygen sources
•  Identify the five stages of fire
•  Get an overview on how to extinguish a fire
•  Understand heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiation)
•  Understand some fire terminology and special circumstances (fire load, propagation hazard, flash point, auto-ignition temperature, self-combustion, backdraft, rollover, flashover…..)
•  Recognize the different classes of fire
•  Identify which fire extinguisher should be used for which class of fire
•  Identify the different safety signs, their shapes, colors and use
•  Apply the knowledge gained to the underwriting of fire risks.


6 hours (1 day or 2 half-days)

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