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Customer Service in Practice


This training is an extension to the first day training, moving to the pragmatic approach and behavior needed to provide a good customer experience.


To provide the participants with the skills, knowledge and awareness necessary to display a positive approach when communicating with customers.

Target Audience

Anyone that comes into contact with customers. Whether that is via the telephone or on a face to face basis.


The key training material content elements are:
Part I: Active Listening

•  Definition, practicing active listening, barriers

Part II: Effective Communication
•  Communication process: Open & Initiate, Gather information, Solutions & Options, Confirm & Close
•  Managing difficult situations: Turning problems to solutions, key rules

Part III: Customer Service over the Telephone
•  Telephone communication
•  The conversation cycle
•  Assertiveness: Definition, 5 Steps to assertiveness
•  Key communication skills: Building Rapport, Listening, Questioning
•  Voice & Language, Improving Your Telephone Tone

Part IV: Dealing with Phone Rage

Part V – Complaint Handling

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this training course the participants will be able to:
•  Follow a clear process for communicating with customers
•  Use Questioning and Listening skills effectively with customers
•  Effectively manage difficult situations with customers
•  Understand the telephone conversation cycle
•  Identify the 5 steps to assertiveness
•  Explain the typical triggers of phone rage
•  Follow a set process for dealing with phone rage
•  Explain why good complaint handling is important to the business
•  Handle complaints effectively and consistently
•  Handle hostile complaints calmly and professionally
•  Turnaround customer complaints and dissatisfaction


3 hours (1 half-day)