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Customer Service Environment

Customer Service Environment


This training module has been designed to explain the customer service environment, introduce the customers of insurance companies, and define basic concepts related to customer service.


To provide participants with a clear understanding of the importance of customer service in the context of an entire organization and explain how all the organization must be involved and committed to delivering a good customer experience, not just the customer service department.

To create a corporate culture focused on customer service

Target Audience

All personnel within the company


The key training material content elements are:
Part I: Customer Service 
•  Introduction, Lifecycle and Key Facts

Part II: The Customer
•  Customer Categories, Needs And Wants And The 5 Areas Of Customer Service

Part III: Basic Concepts
•  The customer journey: defintion, touchpoints, moment of truth, positive and negative experience
•  Managing customer expectations
•  Customer Perception
•  “Perception is reality”, The little things, improving perception
•  Customer Relationship Management
•  Transactional vs. Relational service
•  Brand, including Personal Customer Brand

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this training course the participants will be able to:
•  Clearly define customer service
•  Understand the importance of customer service in insurance
•  Learn the benefits of customer centricity
•  Identify your customer categories
•  Understand customer motivation and their needs and wants
•  Understand the basic concepts of customer service such as the Customer Journey, Customer Expectations, Customer Perception, Relationship Management, Transactional V. Relational service, Branding…


3 hours (1 half-day)

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