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Our content marketing services include:

1. Content Creation

Our content creation
team offers insurance companies the best value and expertise with regards to
generating blog content, how-to guides, online articles, social media posts and

We are able to create
how-to guides, tips, insurance awareness, customer protection guides, health
related discussions, social media posts and more. Whether an insurance company
needs articles to inform their prospective customers about products, or they
are hoping for blogs and articles to help promote their business, we can
provide the relevant content.

Our content creation
services also include strategy sessions with insurance companies regarding
their online marketing journey. We understand the industry, and keep appraised
of new developments, which allows us to provide outstanding advice and valuable
content to each of our clients.

We are happy to engage
in one-off transactions for content, or periodic content arrangements.

2. E-Newsletters

Insurance companies want
to ensure the channels of communication are always open with their
policyholders. E-newsletters can serve a variety of functions. Not only do they
help policyholders keep appraised of any new services or products the company
is offering, but they can also entice the policyholder to purchase additional

Other e-newsletters
target those who may have engaged with the company in some capacity, but are
yet to purchase a policy.

Our team helps insurance
companies with the content of the e-newsletter and the design. These days, it
is so important for e-newsletters to be flashy and informative.

3. Product Descriptions

Our clients are looking
at effective ways to market and promote their insurance products. Our goal is
to help our clients build new product descriptions for services they are
introducing, while updating descriptions for their existing services. For our
clients, the days of boring brochures and summarizing paragraphs that no one
reads are a thing of the past.

The goal of our product
descriptions is not just to give a concise explanation of what each policy or
product offers, but to engage with customers. A call to action is a necessary
part of each description, while we attempt to show the customer why a specific
insurance service or product is a necessity in their given situation.

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