Our services include:

1- Technical Department organization:

a. Product Revamp
i. Review of General conditions
ii. Review of Particular conditions
iii. Review of policy schedules
iv. Treaty Compliance
v. Legal Compliance

b. Libraries and Guidelines
i. Writing underwriting guidelines
ii. Organizing technical insurance libraries for easy access

  1. Policy Conditions
  2. Clauses
  3. Proposal forms

2- Underwriting quality assurance audits:

a. Checking compliance of written business with Underwriting guidelines
b. Ensuring that written business complies with treaty limits and conditions
c. Ensuring that issued policies are in line with facultative reinsurance slips (if any).

3- Process Optimization

a. Policy issuance
b. Renewal procedures
c. Process flow from distribution to underwriting to issuance

4- Pipeline management full solution

Implementation of a CRM IT system specifically designed for insurance companies and insurance brokers.
It serves to:

  • Manage your pipeline (statistics, customized reports, pipeline visibility)
  • Manage renewals (requests for loss ratio for renewal business)
  • Full accounting solution (optional)
  • Save history of all communication related to the prospect in one place
  • Set up packaged products and issue offers immediately
  • Say goodbye to losing business because of lack of follow-up. Nothing can be forgotten.
  • Prospect Grading (how viable is this prospect)
    Added value for brokers:
  • Set up of different companies and related contacts in one place
  • Select all the insurance companies you want to send a RFQ to and the system will do the rest (one click email)
    Added Value for insurers:
  • Manage the RFQ between the distribution and the different underwriting departments
  • Have all your client database in one place (important for coordination between different LOB departments)
  • Manage requests for issuance
  • Control over delivery time for replies, offers, and quotation

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